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Florida Real Estate Lawyer

People throughout the United States buy vacation homes or investment properties in Florida.  Owning property in Florida often leads to complex estate issues with property and family members in different states.  It is important to have clear advice and assistance from a Florida attorney who can protect your interests when buying property and when planning your estate. A Florida attorney can also efficiently distribute property to beneficiaries after death.

Since 1987, I have helped people buy and sell homes, vacant land and condominiums in Florida.  I also help clients deal with the complex network of laws governing Florida Homestead Property, Wills, Trusts, and Probate.

I often serve as a referral attorney for lawyers and law firms located in other states whose clients own real property in Florida and are in need of Deeds, Quiet Title suits and other real estate title matters, as well as Ancillary Probate Administration throughout the State of Florida.

If someone is purchasing real property, It is critically important to obtain title insurance.  It is the safe and secure way to purchase real estate.  There can be outstanding claims or liens on the property to which even the developer or builder may have no knowledge of.  Title insurance is the single most effective and least costly way to protect the owner of real property in Florida.